The Last Projectionist

I gained my love of film at an early age. During my High School years
my first job was as an usher at the local cinema. I would rip tickets
and clean up popcorn and wander from cinema to cinema collecting
snippets of memories from different scenes from every film we played.
After the shift I would head up to the projection room and learn the
tricks of the trade from the projectionist. He taught me everything
there is to know about 35mm projection. When I graduated High School I
moved to the nearest big city and found work as projectionist while
failing to study.
Working as a projectionist has its ups and downs. Eight hour shifts
are spent alone in the small, dark projection room with only the
constant murmurs from the projectors to keep you company. Unless
you’re Tyler Durden and have 35mm porn available to splice into family
films the job is actually quite boring. The upsides come though when
the movies have finished and the patrons have gone home leaving you as
the only person in the building. With a whole cinema and bar at my
disposal and the entire catalogue of films to chose from I would
routinely host private screenings. With the front doors locked and the
lights turned out I would sit alone or with selected friends while
watching any film I chose. Night after night, to all hours of the
morning I would watch every film that came through the cinema program.
It was during this time when I first saw my favourite film and this
week’s Mobile Kino feature. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.
Bill Murray as Steve Zissou instantly made me smile and I was hooked.
During the first screening I had many friends and fellow Wes Anderson
fans joining me for the after hour viewing. I loved the film so much
that I invited everybody back the following night for a repeat
screening. Night after night I locked the front doors, laced up the
35mm projector, popped a bottle of wine and screened the
oceanographers bizzar adventures. After the third screening I found
myself alone. I didn’t care, I watched it until the film was riddled
with over-usage scratches. It only gave the movie more character.

Alone or with your company, I will again screen The Life Aquatic for
this week’s Mobile Kino.