Friday August 10

5pm: Jonathan plays Adventure Team

Jonathan Stroemer is the frontman of Adventure Team, the Berlin-based band that delivers a refreshing new take on off-kilter, catchy lo-fi pop, accompanied by a steadily flowing stream of cozy guitar fuzz. He’ll play a special solo set of the band’s upbeat tunes. Listen here.

6pm: Nunofyrbeeswax

Nunofyrbeeswax are a three piece who write and play a bunch of pop songs as raw as their hearts in a minimal set up. Their sound has been described as an idiosyncratic blend of garage rock, post punk and “proto-indie” whatever that means. Listen here.

7pm: Dubais

DUBAIS is the Lo-Fi Arab-futurist band from visual artist Nadia Buyse. From absurd synth covers to bedroom pop songs about dating the devil and murdering him, Nadia’s music jumps from genre to genre, threaded together by a strong DIY Aesthetic and video art.

Saturday August 11

3pm: Joel Alas

Joel is Mobile Kino’s resident singer-songwriter, playing acoustic pub rock folk songs from the streets of Berlin.

4pm: Skiing

Skiing is Everett Darling, playing Mid-fi, Post grad blues, Gay-Edge, Homo-Hop, Wintertime Blues, Public Service Pop, Info-Swing, Baltic Surf and Seestadt Melancholisch. He has released several albums and EPs recorded with a rotating cast of collaborators. Listen here.

5pm: I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream

IHNMAIMS took their band name from a dystopian science fiction short story about survivors of a nuclear war. Musical influences include The Cure and My Bloody Valentine as well as fellow Berlin bands The History of Colour TV, BraBraBra, Skiing and Jolly Goods, with whom they share current or former band members. Listen here.

6pm: Usted

USTED is the new incarnation of Berlin-based, Tenerife-born musician and artist Roberto Miranda, former member of underground electronic band The Moustache and composer for several animated TV productions for children. He croons and plays his canarian timple on top of a hectic landscape of fat beats and crispy synths.

7pm: Ducks!

Lani Bagley and Craig Schuftan are Ducks!. They make electronic music for dancing and dreaming, influenced by Disney and disco, combining synthesiser and vocal loops with found sounds and field recordings. Listen here.

Sunday August 12

12pm: Radio Spaetkauf Live Recording

Radio Spaetkauf is Berlin’s English-language podcast, keeping international residents informed about local politics, public transport, urban development, culture, bicycles and bars. They continue their annual tradition of recording a live show on stage at the Mobile Kino Lakeside Film Festival.

1pm: Ori Moto – Ray Mann

Ori Moto is the electronic project from Sydney-born, Berlin-based musician and producer Ray Mann

2pm: Seb