Vortex | A Gaspar Noé Film

The latest film from the wild mind of Gaspar Noé is set to shock his fans. VORTEX from the provocateur director of ENTER THE VOID and LOVE is actually a compassionate drama about old age, dementia and family. Seriously.

Mobile Kino followers and fans of Gaspar Noé might take note that this isn’t the sort of movie the director typically makes. It seems the filmmaker grew tired of his young characters and subject matter and decided to focus on something a little more serious. While we expect the illicit substance and sexual experimentation to be on the low side we do expect classic Noé visual experimentation using varied aspect ratios and filming technics.

Refugio Theatre – Lenaustraße 3, 12047 Berlin


Monday 2nd of May




Refugio Theatre

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French with English Subtitles

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Joshua Dullroy for Mobile Kino