Thursday 06.08.20 – 21:30 I Trash Cinema – You Don’t Nomi


Trash Cinema | You Don’t Nomi – German Premiere – August 6th 2020

Trash Cinema | Showgirls – August 7th 2020

Mobile Kino and Capelight Pictures are excited to present the new documentary behind the notorious 90’s flop, SHOWGIRLS, and its revival in recent years as a cinematic comedy classic.


A chorus of film critics and fervent devotees explore the complicated afterlife of 1995’s biggest film flop, Paul Verhoeven’s SHOWGIRLS, from disastrous release to cult adoration and extraordinary redemption.

YOU DON’T NOMI has been booked as headline film screening amongst other classics during Trash Cinema presented by Mobile Kino. Cats, The Room, Showgirls and many more back on the big screen.

Trash Cinema | The Best of the Worst

An Open-Air Cinema Series presented by Mobile Kino and The Student Hotel.

Just when you thought 2020 couldn’t get any worse Mobile Kino go and decide to put together the worst bunch of films you’ve ever seen. Films so bad they’re comedy gold. The Citizen Kane of bad movies. Duded-up-egg-sucking-gutter-trash. A program of trash cinema so cringey it turned it into pure treasure.

The program consists of films that will make you laugh but maybe not for the right reasons. These famously hated films have had a resurgence in recent years with revival screenings sparking a late wave of appreciation. Just like the formation of diamonds in the earth crust these films were waiting for their time to shine.

Box Office flops, CGI Cats, showgirl dramas and combat sports cliches. You are going to love hating this.


You Don’t Nomi – German Premiere
The Room
Never Retreat, Never Surrender
Berlin, I Love You

Plus more coming soon


Mobile Kino and The Student Hotel presents a new interactive film series inviting guests to participate by joining in on the singing and dancing, the throwing of spoons or simply laughing along at the hilarious attempts to make a movie.

The Venue // The Student Hotel

Mobile Kino teams up The Student Hotel and takes over the biggest courtyard hof we’ve ever seen. The new hotel near Alexanderplatz has joined Mobile Kino for a summer of open-air cinema under the Berlin city skies. Find the hotel right next to Jannowitz train station. A full bar and kitchen will be serving food and cold Heineken beer so get there early to reserve your favourite seat and enjoy the summer evenings.

Wednesday – July 29th – Berlin: I Love You – Opening Night
Thursday – July 30th – The Room
Saturday – August 1st – Cats
Wednesday – August 5th – No Retreat, No Surrender
Thursday – August 6th – You Don’t Nomi – German Premiere
Friday – August 7th – Showgirls