Thursday 01.03.18. – 9:45pm: MK Animated | Spirited Away

This Event had originally been scheduled for Wednesday 28.02.
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千と千尋の神隠し – Spirited Away – Chihiros Reise ins Zauberland – Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi? – Sen and Chihiro’s Spiriting Away…

(Japanese with English Subtitles)

In this animated feature by noted Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki, 10-year-old Chihiro and her parents stumble upon a seemingly abandoned amusement park. After her mother and father are turned into giant pigs, Chihiro meets the mysterious Haku, who explains that the park is a resort for supernatural beings who need a break from their time spent in the earthly realm, and that she must work there to free herself and her parents.

Spirited Away was the first anime film to win an Academy Award. It also won the Golden Bear at the 2002 Berlin International Film Festival.

MK Animated Series

Mobile Kino has been sifting through the archives to find a selection of classic animated feature films to include in our new ongoing film series – MK Animated.

Animation in film has come a long way over the years with many different forms hitting our screens and taking us to places we would have never imagined. Steam-Boat Willie and the beginning of Micky Mouse changed the cinematic landscape and set sail to a new era of film-making. Traditional animation evolved before our eyes with feature films and television cartoon series introducing us to Bugs Bunny and his friends, bringing our favorite comic book stories to life, and filling our childhood memories with a catalog of hand drawn creations. The art-form has matured over the decades with the introduction of 3D animation, Stop-Motion, Clay-Motion and now with the release of LOVING VINCENT we are witnessing the first ever oil painted animated feature film. Join Mobile Kino to rediscover some of the milestone films while also introducing us to what’s new in the world of animation.

Date: Thursday 01.03.18 @ 9:45pm
Venue: Griessmühle, Sonnenallee 221, Neukölln (Behind S-Bahn Sonnenallee)
Tickets: €7 or €6 with Berliner Pass or Student I.D.
Tickets can also be purchased at the venue, subject to availability.