Thurs 23.06 @ 8pm | Culture Club Kino | Episode 2

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  • 23/06/2016 - 24/06/2016
    9:00 pm - 6:00 am

Mobile Kino presents: Culture Club Kino
The secret history of music, movies, art and ideas
A live presentation with sound and vision, by Craig Schuftan

Episode 2: Your Kids Are Gonna Love It.
A Short History of the Future of Art and Music

Thurs June 23, 2016, 8pm
The Oval Room, Babylon

How do you know if the new song you’re listening to is an important song? How do you know if the painting in front of you is great art? Because you won’t like it…. yet. The moral of the last two hundred years of art history, from William Blake to ‘Paul’s Boutique’, tells us that the best stuff was ignored or misunderstood in its day, only to reveal itself as classic much later. Meanwhile the art everyone went nuts over back in the day now looks merely… ‘of its time’. This is about one of the worst things you can say about an album or an art show. On the other hand, we reserve our highest praise for anyone who seems now to have done a thing before everyone else started doing it, regardless of whether we even like the thing. But how and why did it become the artist’s job to predict the future? And what’s so terrible about being ‘contemporary’?

In search of answers, author and broadcaster Craig Schuftan takes us on a trip through the last two hundred years of art, music, movies and culture, in search of the secret origins of the idea of the avant-garde. Learn how and why the mania for progress came to be part of our philosophy of art, and meet the artists, composers and poets of the past who became prophets of the future, or martyrs to its promise, including Eduard Manet, Mina Loy, Gertrude Stein, Giorgio Moroder, Pauline Oliveros.

More About Culture Club Kino

Culture Club Kino speaks to anyone who has a favourite song or film and invites them to take a trip through time in search of the secret history of music, movies and much much more. Along the way, it reveals striking connections between the world of literature, philosophy and art, and the popular culture we consume every day. It’s informative because it’s meticulously researched and expertly put-together. It ought to make people think, by revealing what’s under the hood of contemporary pop culture, the ideas and assumptions, both good and bad, that have been passed down to us by past innovators. And it’s timely, in that it can provide a much-needed antidote to the mostly reactive, high-turnover pop environment of the 21st century.


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