Sonnenallee | The Neukölln Classic

Sonnenallee (German with English Subtitles)

The German media outside of Berlin will tell you that Neukölln’s famous Sonnenallee is a no-go, crime highway, filled with mafia clashes between 4-Blocks style clans. But the Berlin media paints a different picture. Many blogs might tell you Sonnenallee is a great place to get some hummus. Sonnenallee obviously has a long history well before our time but has often been the focus of media, music and culture.

In 1999 a film was made about life on Sonnenallee during the late 1970’s. The film is German but also a comedy about the absurdity of life living behind the wall. As a foreigner watching this film, the German comedy is remarkably funny and charming. The film became an audience favourite and Mobile Kino has now screened the classic countless times. We will continue to bring it back to our program over the coming years.

Sonnenallee (OmegU – German with English Subtitles)  

A group of kids grow up on the short, wrong (east) side of the Sonnenallee in Berlin, right next to one of the few border crossings between East and West reserved for German citizens. The antics of these kids, their families, of the “West German” friends and relatives who come to visit, and of the East German border guards, all serve to illustrate the absurdity of everyday life on the Sonnenallee, and therefore throughout the former East Germany.

Refugio Theatre | 2G+ – Check Regurly for Updates

The film will be screened in the Refugio Theatre with 2G+ rules in place. Seating will be socially distanced. All guests are required to present proof of vaccination and recent negative test results. Bring your mask to enter the cafe and theatre entrance. Expect changes to the COVID policy and check on the day of your event for updates.


Monday 31st of January




Refugio Theatre

Film Language

German with English subtitles

Film Year


Film Duration

101 Mins


Joshua Dullroy for Mobile Kino