POSTPONED // Run Lola Run | Berlin Classics | Berliner Berg

With the week of bad weather, we have decided to postpone the screening at Berliner Berg. We will be back again next week.
Mobile Kino x Berliner Berg 
The beer garden will be open early with music, ping pong, and obviously a full bar serving Berliner Berg. Come thirsty for this one.

Join us for a captivating cinematic experience as we present the modern masterpiece RUN LOLA RUN on July 31st. Immerse yourself in the heart-pounding narrative of Lola, a determined young Berliner caught in a race against time.

This thrilling film, presented in its original version with English subtitles, follows Lola as she embarks on a frantic mission to secure a substantial sum of money within just 20 minutes. With her boyfriend Manni’s life hanging in the balance, Lola must navigate the bustling streets of Berlin, encountering unexpected obstacles and making split-second decisions that will shape their fate.

Directed by the visionary filmmaker, Tom Tykwer, “Run Lola Run” is a high-octane rollercoaster ride, blending suspense, romance, and philosophical contemplation. Its innovative narrative structure, accompanied by a pulsating techno soundtrack, will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.


Monday 31st of July




Berliner Berg Brauerei

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German with English Subtitles

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Joshua Dullroy for Mobile Kino