Pushing Boundaries

Pushing Boundaries (English Subtitles)

Ukrainian athletes during the Paralympic Games grow above their physical boundaries, while around them political boundaries are pushed back and forth.

PUSHING BOUNDARIES | A Lesia Kordonets Film

PUSHING BOUNDARIES accompanies athletes from the Ukrainian Paralympic National Team who have lost their training base in Crimea due to the Russian annexation. They try to adapt to the new historic conditions in their private as well as in their professional lives and to qualify for the next games. The film shows people who grow beyond their physical limits on a daily basis while around them political boundaries are pushed back and forth. And the country they represent at international competitions is rendered invalid by the amputation of its territories.

Pushing Boundaries (English Subtitles)

Monday, May 9th – 8.30pm

Refugio Theatre – Lenaustraße 3, 12047 Berlin

The Refugio Theatre is a non-profit organization. The theatre is on the ground floor of the Refugio building that houses refugees from all around the world. The apartment complex also features a rooftop garden, a cafe and a theatre on the ground floor that offers the residents and guests a relaxed atmosphere with cultural programs. The cafe is also open to the public with the theatre running a full program of events. The cafe will be open serving beer and popcorn so feel free to come early and relax with a drink before the film.


Monday 9th May




Refugio Theatre

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