Interfilm Festival | SP 07: Girls* Riot!

INTERFILM 38 International Short Film Festival Berlin


SP 07 Girls* Riot!


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Hier gibt es keine Tabus! Neben experimentellen Auseinandersetzungen mit Menstruationsschmerzen sehen wir absurde arrangierte Ehen und abgedrehte Therapiesitzungen. Wir entwickeln tiefe Empathie und spüren einen alles einnehmenden Leistungsdruck. Mal laut, mal leise, dynamisch und unendlich kreativ setzen sich die Filme mit Themen auseinander, die den 15-19-jährigen Kurator*innen des Girls* Riot Workshops wichtig sind.



No taboos here! Besides experimental confrontations with menstrual pain, we see absurd arranged marriages and bizarre therapy sessions. We develop deep empathy and are struck by an all-consuming pressure to succeed. Sometimes loud, sometimes calm, dynamic and endlessly creative, the films deal with topics that the 15-19 year old curators of the Girls* Riot workshop care about.


Program: 6 films


Eva Matz / Jonas Schmieta // Germany // 2021 // 03:22 min

We need to talk about blood. Since the beginning of her period, she has been plagued by severe pain, cramps and loss of conciousness. She is locked up and dominated by her pain, from which she tries to free herself.

Love, Dad

Milý tati

Diana Cam Van Nguyen // Slovakia, Czech Republic // 2021 // 12:42 min
Animation, Documentary

A young woman reflects on her relationship with her father and how it might have been different had she been his son.

First Work, Then Play

Brenda Lien // Germany // 2021 // 20:00 min
Experimental, Live Action

Maxi, a musician and producer, wrestles with herself when her creative process comes to a standstill due to internal and external pressure to perform.


Myo Aung // Myanmar, Taiwan // 2021 // 10:05 min
Live Action

It is an auspicious day for 12-year-old Hung Hsia‘s family, as she will soon be wed to a successful Chinese man in an arranged marriage. The ceremony takes an absurd turn when the groom is unable to attend.



Emma Branderhorst // Netherlands // 2021 // 15:41 min
Live Action

Juggling finances are a part of everyday life for Ruby and her mother. While she’s good at keeping this secret from her school friends, it get harder to hide when she needs sanitary products.

Neither Seen Nor Heard

Florence Kosky // // 2021 // 07:34 min
Live Action

In an absurd therapy session, Alice is confronted with her painful memory of a sexual assault and society’s disrespectful treatment of it.



Date: 19. November 2022, 18:30
Venue: Unterfilm Clubkino / Saarbrücker Str. 23, im Keller unter dem Jugendclub, 10405 Berlin
Tickets: 9 EUR, or 7 EUR with Berliner Pass or Student I.D.

Promoter: Fernando Huerta for Mobile Kino



Saturday 19 November




Unterfilm Clubkino


Fernando Huerta for Mobile Kino