Interfilm Festival | SP 01: Body Talk – Dance Shorts & Choreography

INTERFILM 38 International Short Film Festival Berlin




— DEU–

Film ist Bewegung, denn das starre Bild wurde in Lebensrhythmen befreit. Beim Tanzfilm wiederum eskaliert die Bewegung exponentiell: Die Narration ergreift auch die Körper der Betrachter. Mensch möge mitmachen! Der Tanzboden eines Balletthauses wird zur weißen Bühne einer leidenschaftlichen Ehrerbietung und die Performance in einem Berliner Schaufenster zur Kulturkritik. Wenn Kriege einen Jungen  im Tschad ausdrucksstark erzählen lassen, ist das großes Kino. Und in der berüchtigten Glaskugel lässt sich – in Bewegung – die eigene Identität reflektieren.



Film is movement, liberating the frozen image through vital rhythms. For their part, dance films represent an exponential flowering of movement: the narration also grabs hold of the beholders’ bodies. One yearns to join in! The dancefloor of a ballet house becomes a white stage for a passionate homage, while a performance in a Berlin shop window serves as an instance of cultural critique. When wars allow a boy in Chad to give powerful expression to his story, great cinema is the result. Finally, the notorious crystal ball serves as a space for reflection of and on personal identity, an identity in motion.


Program: 7 films


Adrien Lhommedieu // France // 2021 // 10:00 min
Experimental, Live Action

A young boy is fascinated by ballet but afraid to admit it – until he crosses the path of a professional ballet dancer.


Emil Dam Seidel // Denmark, Sweden // 2022 // 07:35 min

Caught in a room, the protagonist, Clarice, unfolds a vision of her own identity through a mirror interrogator.


(LA)HORDE Ballet National de Marseille // France, United States // 2022 // 08:12 min
Experimental, Live Action

Electronic-music artist Rone, avant-garde dance collective (La)Horde and filmmaker Spike Jonze team up to bring the fine art museum at Marseille’s Palais Longchamp to new life at night, in the scope of a ghostly choreography.


Alliah Fafin // Canada // 2021 // 17:00 min
Live Action

A mysterious narrator tells the tale of Amani, a boy fond of dancing, who must one day confront another reality rolling in from behind the mountains.


Tian Baumly // Germany // 2022 // 05:05 min

The offer sounds wonderful: be whatever you want to be. “%” is an experimental meditation on consuming and consumerism in an exhibition room with large display windows.

Fantasma Neon

Neon Phantom

Leonardo Martinelli // Brazil // 2021 // 20:00 min
Live Action

João is a delivery man who dreams of having a motorcycle. He was told that everything would be like a musical.

An Evening With Taglioni

Jessica Wright / Morgann Runacre-Temple // // 2021 // 14:04 min

Live Action

When legendary ballerina Marie Taglioni, the first woman to dance on her tiptoes, went into retirement, her ballet slippers were bought by a fan, cooked at a lavish dinner party and served to guests.



Date: 16. November 2022, 21:00
Venue: Unterfilm Clubkino / Saarbrücker Str. 23, im Keller unter dem Jugendclub, 10405 Berlin
Tickets: 9 EUR, or 7 EUR with Berliner Pass or Student I.D.

Promoter: Fernando Huerta for Mobile Kino



Wednesday 16 November




Unterfilm Clubkino


Fernando Huerta for Mobile Kino