Interfilm Festival | EU 01: For A Fist Full Of Euros

INTERFILM 38 International Short Film Festival Berlin


EU 01 | For A Fist Full Of Euros


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Europa steht für Gleichheit, Freiheit und Demokratie. Aber es brodelt unter der Oberfläche. Menschen demonstrieren für ihre Grundrechte und gegen Korruption, öffentliche Bildung, Wohnraum und faire Arbeitsbedingungen. „A Fist Full Of Euros“ nutzt die Kategorien Race, Class & Gender um einen Blick in die Ritzen zwischen den großen europäischen Ideen und Idealen zu werfen. Hinter der Fassade des schillernden Eurosiegels enthüllt sich die hässliche Fratze des global grassierenden Kapitalismus.



Europe stands for equality, freedom and democracy. But, under the surface, something is seething. People are taking to the streets, to demonstrate for their civil rights, for public education, housing and fair working conditions, and against corruption. “A Fist Full of Euros” employs the categories of race, class and gender to take a look into the cracks between the grand European ideas and ideals. Behind the facade of the shiny Euro seal lurks the hideous face of capitalism, running rampant around the globe.


Program: 6 films

You Can’t Automate Me

Katarina Jazbec // Netherlands // 2021 // 20:00 min

An encounter with tattooed dockworkers at Rotterdam’s enormous port. A poetic portrait of labourers, set amid containers and freight cranes.

Minus one

Natassa Xydi // Greece // 2016 // 16:00 min
Live Action

Summer in Athens, and Elsa’s family isn’t the only one renting their apartment to tourists. At their “spare apartment” there’s little space for the young lady’s dreams.

Oro Rojo

Red Gold

Carme Gomila // Spain // 2021 // 12:00 min
Animation, Documentary

Abuse at the hands of crooked local politics, racist capitalism and global extractivism of the South by the North – based on local alliances and migration policy. Women speak about the protest against seasonal labour.


Zamarin Wahdat // Germany, United States // 2020 // 13:29 min
Live Action

Faruk juggles his obligations as a single dad, by looking after his daughter while working in his first job in a new country. A confrontation with hidden racism puts the relationship between father and daughter to the test.



Urte Sabutyte // Lithuania // 2020 // 14:00 min
Live Action

Aleksandra, a young prosecutor, is pursuing a case of human trafficking. During questioning, she encounters an old friend who is considered a suspect in the matter.

La costa dorada

La Costa Dorada

Noémi Gruner // Belgium, France // 2016 // 10:00 min

Erika takes a job on the Costa Dorada hoping it will enable her to help her parents, who have been hit by the economic crisis in Spain. In the meantime, Madrid is preparing for one of the most important demonstrations by the “Indignados”, which Erika desperately wanted to attend.



Date: 19. November 2022, 21:00
Venue: Unterfilm Clubkino / Saarbrücker Str. 23, im Keller unter dem Jugendclub, 10405 Berlin
Tickets: 9 EUR, or 7 EUR with Berliner Pass or Student I.D.

Promoter: Fernando Huerta for Mobile Kino



Saturday 19 November




Unterfilm Clubkino


Fernando Huerta for Mobile Kino