The Yes Men are humorous guerrilla activists who prey on unsuspecting media networks by posing as official representatives from large corporations. Faking their way with false credentials, the pair appear on live television making “official” statements revealing the economic greed and political corruption in the world of big business. The filmmaking political pranksters have posed as the World Trade Organization, Shell, Dow Chemicals and even the Bush administration making appearances on the BBC, CNN, or at large business conferences around the world.

The Yes Men last visited Berlin during the 2009 Berlinale with their film THE YES MEN FIX THE WORLD and Mobile Kino hosted the official afterparty and encore Pop-Up screening with a Q&A with the filmmakers. This film went on to win the audience award at Berlinale and the screening marked the first ever event for Mobile Kino.
The Yes Men are back in Berlin with their latest Berlinale entry THE YES MEN ARE REVOLTING. The documentary premieres today as apart of the Panorama Dokumente.