The Mobile Kino

Mobile Kino is run by Fernando Huerta and myself, Joshua Alas. Together we create the programs and organise the events. There’s a lot of hard work that goes into setting up a one night only cinema. Particularly its difficult transporting cinema equipment like our big movie screen. We had big plans for the coming summer so we started searching markets, ebay and craigslist for a transport bike to help us during the open air season. We found a great cargo bike that was in our price range but was located just outside of Hamburg. After winning the ebay auction we took the train to meet the couple selling the bike using a Brandenburg ticket. Our plan was to navigate the regional trains and squeeze the bike in on the trip back to Berlin. With a lot of effort and annoyed passengers we managed to fit the cargo bike on all three regional trains during the four hour trip home.
After a revamp to the front box and a paint job we had the designer who created our logo paint the sides. Daddison has a history of helping Mobile Kino by loaning us his skills and talent. When we were first getting started he created an amazing poster template and logo that we have used ever since. The Mobile Kino is now complete so keep your eyes open for our mobile cinema passing through your neighbourhood soon.

Posted By: Joshua

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