Mobile Kino presents: Achterbahn

Tonight we are presenting Achterbahn, a documentary about the legendary Berlin Spreepark which has been countlessly featured on abandoned places websites, blogged, instagrammed et all! But behind the fallen dinosaurs and run down rides lays a dark and unusual tale of family drama, crime and drugs.

“Norbert Witte, once the king of the only amusement park of the former GDR, today he is behind bars in Germany. When fleeing bankruptcy in Berlin, Norbert Witte and his family secretly shipped their roller coasters to Peru. Things went wrong here too. In a desperate attempt, Norbert tried to smuggle cocaine to Germany. Three years later his 23 year old son Marcel was sentenced to 20 years in a Peruvian prison. Now the father is doing everything he can in order to free his son.”

Since it’s closure the Spreepark has continued to attract press attention. Witte was freed from prison in 2008 after which he took part in a couple of fairly odd interviews which can be found online (link: From 2011 the public were allowed to take restricted guided tours of the park. All that changed in March this year when the City of Berlin bought the park and tours were halted (cue lots of people breaking in). Now the future of this magical abandoned wonderland is greatly unknown although rumors have been circulating that it will soon be demolished (link:

Given the proximity of the screening to the Spreepark there can’t be a more appropriate place to see this fascinating film!


Date: Monday 28th of July 2014

Venue: Insel Berlin (Insel der Jugend – Treptower Park)


Tickets: 5 EUR

Language: German with English Subtitles

Entry From: 20:00

Film Starts: 21:30

Film Length: 89 mins