Mobile Kino Summer Camp 2016 Kitchen

There are two food options at this years’ Mobile Kino Summer Camp’ – our wonderful Camp Kitchen, run by chef Benedetta.

And Mama Schabz food stand, selling Pakastani street food with a western twist.

Scroll down to see the menus:

bernadetteCAMP KITCHEN by Benedetta & team

Breakfast (Sat & Sun):

  • English breakfast: scrambled eggs, bacon, baked beans and toast €5
  • Muesli with yogurt and fruit €3
  • Chia pudding with coconut milk, banana and berries €4
  • Croissant with butter and jam €1.80
  • Salmon cream cheese bagel €3.50

Friday night dinner (from 6.30pm):

  • Thai yellow lentil soup €3.50
  • Ratatouille ( summer vegetables in basil vinegar tomato sauce) over oven backed potato €5.80
  • Turkey maffe’ ( west african stew with peanut butter, sweet potatoes and carrots) over cous cous €7.50
  • Mixed greens, watermelon, feta salad with bread €4.50
  • Hamburger or veggie burger with side salad €6.80

Saturday night dinner

  • Picadillo ( cuban beef chili) with chorizo, raisins and capers over rice €7.50
  • Wild rice, pineapple,raisins, onion, tofu and shrimps with coconut lime dressing €5.50
  • Lentil salad with cucumber, olives, feta, cherry tomatoes, parsley and mint €4.80
  • Hamburger with side salad €6.80


For all vegetarians and meat lovers on a break! We are delighted to announce Mama Shabz will be having a stand at our festival Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday & Sunday:

  • Potato & chilli pakoras with mint & coriander chutney €3.50
  • Spicy aubergine curry with fragrant star of aniseed basmati rice & yoghurt €6.50
  • Coconut & Carrot Ladoos (truffles) €1
  • Sunday Brunch Special: Fried Egg, chickpea masala and paratha €7

Drugs In Film

Drugs in Film – A Cinematic Symposium
Films and Talks on the Representation of Drugs in Cinema
April 28 – May 4, 2016 – Berlin (Babylon & Grießmühle)
Highlight: “Heaven Knows What” German premiere

Drugs in Film – A Cinematic Symposium is a film festival in Berlin that will analyze how the representation of drugs in film can highlight societal views while also affecting our collective perception and cultural trends. The festival presents a series of films, new and old, that demonstrate the diverse representation of narcotics and stimulants on screen.

Since the beginning of cinema, drugs have been represented in a range of forms and perspectives. Each year the depiction slowly changes, offering a reflection of the cultural trends of the time. Over the past century of drugs in film, the perspective has switched between positive, neutral and negative, as portrayed in propaganda films, exploitation films and award-winning feature films.

The highlight of the festival is the German premiere of the latest film to tackle the representation of opioid use, “Heaven Knows What.” Set in contemporary post-financial crash New York, it depicts the story of a pair of lovers whose relationship is wrought by the daily struggle of addiction. “Heaven Knows What” resets the genre of drug addiction drama by combining stylistic cinematography with an incredible autobiographical performance by first-time actor Arielle Holmes.

As well as film screenings, Drugs in Film – A Cinematic Symposium also features special guest talks by experts discussing the films and how they relate to the societal norms of their time. Guest speakers include Prof. Dr. Martin Lüthe and Prof. Dr. Markus Kienscherf from Berlin’s Freie Universität who will present a talk on the societal impact caused by the war on drugs, as well as Craig Schuftan, presenter of the Culture Club Kino series.

Event: Drugs in Film – A Cinematic Symposium
Dates: April 28 – May 4, 2016, Berlin
Venues: Babylon Berlin & Grießmühle

Heaven Knows What (2015) – German Premiere
Easy Rider (1969)
Christiane F. – Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo (1981)
Naked Lunch (1991)
KIDS (1995)
Trainspotting (1996)
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998)
Requiem for a Dream (2000)

Talks by:
Prof. Dr. Martin Lüthe (Freie Üniversität)
Prof. Dr. Markus Kienscherf (Freie Üniversität)
Craig Schuftan (Culture Club Kino)


Venue: BABYLON (Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 30)
28.04 – 8:00pm – Heaven Knows What (Berlin Premiere, with presentation by Craig Schuftan of Culture Club Kino)
29.04 – 6:30pm – Christiane F.
29.04 – 9:00pm – Trainspotting
29.04 – 10:45pm – Easy Rider
30.04 – 3:00pm – Easy Rider
30.04 – 4:45pm – Naked Lunch
30.04 – 7:00pm – Requiem for a Dream
30.04 – 9:00pm – Heaven Knows What
01.05 – 4:00pm – Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
01.05 – 6:15pm – Requiem for a Dream
01.05 – 8:15pm – Trainspotting

Venue: Grießmühle (Sonnenallee 221.)
02.05 – 8:30pm – Trainspotting
02.05 – 10:30pm – Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Venue: TBC
03.05 – 8:30pm – Drugs in Film – Symposium (Free Lecture – Prof. Dr. Martin Lüthe & Prof. Dr. Markus Kienscherf, Freie Üniversität)

Venue: Grießmühle (Sonnenallee 221.)
04.05 – 8:30pm – KIDS
04.05 – 10:30pm – Trainspotting


| Ridley Scott | James Cameron | David Fincher |

Three powerhouse directors each put their own signature on the Sci-Fi thriller film series ALIEN. Join Mobile Kino in February for three of the ALIEN films played over three weeks. Don’t miss these classics on the big screen with a sound you will feel in your bones thanks to the power of the Griessmuehle club sound system.

03.02.2016 | ALIEN | Ridley Scott

10.02.2016 | ALIENS | James Cameron

17.02.2016 | ALIEN³ | David Fincher

Retrospective: Quentin Tarantino

What came before The Hateful 8? Watch all Quentin Tarantino’s classics on the big screen

As Quentin Tarantino releases his eighth film in cinemas, Mobile Kino will screen an extensive retrospective of his previous movies at the historic Babylon cinema. Eight classic films that Tarantino either directed or produced will return to the big screen over a two week period. All films will be presented in original language format, some with German subtitles.

This is a chance to experience Tarantino’s films on the big screen, as they were intended to be seen. It is also an opportunity to study the director’s repeating techniques, which rely heavily on replicating scenes from old classics.

As the director says: “When people ask me if I went to film school, I tell them, ‘no, I went to films.’”

Retrospective: Quentin Tarantino
January 15-31, 2016
Babylon Berlin

  • Reservoir Dogs (on 35mm film)
  • Pulp Fiction
  • Jackie Brown
  • Kill Bill: Vol. 1
  • Kill Bill: Vol. 2
  • Deathproof
  • Inglourious Bastards
  • Django Unchained


Friday 15th of January 2016
19:30 Pulp Fiction
21:30 Jackie Brown
22:15 Reservoir Dogs (35mm print!)

Saturday 16th of January 2016
21:30 Inglourious Basterds
22:00 Django Unchained

Sunday 17th of January 2016
17:15 Jackie Brown
17:45 Death Proof
20:00 Inglourious Basterds

Monday the 18th of January 2016
17:30 Death Proof
19:30 Kill Bill: Vol. 1
21:30 Kill Bill: Vol. 2
21:30 Django Unchained
22:00 Inglourious Basterds

Tuesday the 19th of January 2016
21:30 Django Unchained
22:00 Kill Bill: Vol. 1

Wednesday the 20th of January 2016
17:15 Death Proof
19:30 Pulp Fiction
21:45 Jackie Brown
22:00 Kill Bill: Vol. 2
22:15 Reservoir Dogs (35mm print!)

Thursday the 21st of January 2016
21:45 Death Proof

Monday the 25th of January 2016
17:30 Jackie Brown
20:30 Pulp Fiction
22:30 Django Unchained

Tuesday the 26th of January 2016
17:30 Jackie Brown
20:30 Pulp Fiction
22:30 Inglourious Basterds

Wednesday the 27th of January 2016
17:00 Django Unchained
20:30 Pulp Fiction
20:00 Inglourious Basterds

Märry Kristmas Kino – Street Food | Cinema | Art & Design Market

Märry Kristmas Kino – Street Food | Cinema | Art & Design Market

Mobile Kino invites you to join some of Berlin’s favourite food trucks, designers and artists as we celebrate the Christmas season together. Enjoy a mug of Glühwein while roaming through the design market. Or grab yourself some popcorn and catch one of our Christmas classics on a big screen.

Mobile Kino & Urban Spree present a full Christmas market with three areas including an indoor 100 seat cinema, an art and design corner, and a winter garden filled with food trucks, heaters, bonfires and lighting displays.

| Street Food, Art & Design Market |

Thursday December 10th – Saturday December 12th, 2015 @ Urban Spree

Market Opening Times:
10.12 Thursday 17.00 – 24.00
11.12 Friday 17.00 – 24.00
12.12 Saturday 12.00 – 1.00

Market: Entry by donation
Cinema Tickets: 5€ / screening

| Märry Kristmas Kino – Programme |

Home Alone (English with German subtitles)
Friday 11th of December – 18:00
Saturday 12th of December – 16:00, 20:00

Kevin – Allein zu Haus (German Version)
Saturday 12th of December – 12:00

Gremlins (English with German subtitles)
Friday 11th of December – 21:45
Saturday 12th of December – 18:00

Scrooged (English with German subtitles)
Friday 11th of December – 20:00

The Nightmare Before Christmas (English with German subtitles)
Saturday 12th of December – 14:00

| Street Food |

Born Again Chicken
La Cuina Gourmet Food
Maria Maria Arepas
Bourbon Dogs
Orlando – Sicilian Food of Happiness

| Art & Design Market |

Urban Spree – Art & Design Shop
The Black Sheep Army
Schwesterherz & Küchenliebe
Crazy Bastard Sauce
Rag And Bone Man
The Missing Button
Pink Cadillac

| Vintage Clothing Market |
Rag And Bone Man

| Event Info |

….More to come!