Mobile Kino: Berlin’s Traveling Pop-Up Cinema

Mobile Kino is an events company specializing in film festivals and pop-up cinema events. Mobile Kino has successfully launched several Berlin-based film festivals, while also hosting an ongoing program of pop-up cinema. Our pop-up cinema team creates temporary cinema spaces in some of Berlin’s favourite venues.


Who is Mobile Kino?

When the digital age hit cinemas it signified the end of 35mm film, and with it the end of the traditional profession of a 35mm projectionist. Mobile Kino was created during this time by a team of Berlin based projectionists, cinema managers and programmers who decided to team up and start their own company.

The team of partners pooled together resources and projection knowledge to create a HD digital mobile cinema in the form of a beautiful Christiania transport bike. Fitted with a digital projector, HD mediaplayer, and huge cinema screen the whole cinema is transported to different venues across Berlin. Over the years the company has grown and evolved welcoming many different partners, film-makers and guest programmers.  Mobile Kino works with film-makers directly or German distributors to make sure the proceeds from the events go to the right people.

Founding Director & Programmer: Joshua James Alas

Director & Operations Manager: Fernando Heurta

Team Members:

Joel Alas, Karl Barakat, Graeme Mitchell, Karin Fornander, Lucia Ming, Justyna Kuszneruk, Daniel Stern, Nicholas Jake Poppi, Alejandro Prullansky, Ahmed Shaker, Colin Guillaume, Tristan Jay Boisvert, Kirill Galetski.